For Members

HVA members realize significant economic and service benefits that underscore our position as premier senior living facilities and ensure our residents the best quality of living.

Rehabilitation Services

Symbria Rehab was created to enable our senior living communities to control the quality, outcomes, accessibility and cost of rehabilitation services at their facilities. Benefits of this approach include:

  • In-house atmosphere with a facility/therapist/family connection
  • Risk-sharing and variable cost advantages (driven by PPS)
  • Control of service quality

In addition to comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapies, Symbria Rehab offers such innovative programs such as rehab management and consulting, case management, outpatient therapy, Medicare compliance programming and outcomes management. Specialized services create unique opportunities for your facility, including development and management of:

  • Combination rehab and wellness center
  • Post-acute rehab programs featuring multidisciplinary care
  • SeniorFITness™ a leading edge, customized resident program

Group Purchasing Benefits

HVA negotiates low cost contracts for supplies that enable partners to dramatically reduce purchasing costs and improve their cost and revenue positions. To find out how your organization can benefit from HVA group purchasing, contact Jen Agnello at 814-833-1609.