HVA can help you plan for the future - Don't be caught off guard when you or your loved one may need additional help!

Tips for future planning:

  • Plan for the future, don’t be caught off guard you never know when you or a loved one may need additional help. Whether it is Independent living, personal care, skilled nursing, Rehab, home health, and non-medical home care, HVA is a one stop shop for all of your options.
  • Tips to look for when choosing an alternate living situation:
  • Check the facility. Look for cleanliness, smell for odors, and watch the call bell systems to see how long the bells are staying on for.
  • Talk to the staff when touring ask them what they think of the facility. Ask them how long they have been working at the facility. Good facilities have happy staff that take pride in their facility and have less employee turnover.
  • See how they specialize. Whether it is short-term rehab, respiratory care, wound care, or just general nursing care ask about their experience and programs.
  • Look at their activities. No matter what you are in the facility for staying active is important to your general health and happiness at the facility.
  • Are they profit or non-profit? A non-profit takes the money they make and puts it right back into patient care and the facility. A for profit is just as it sounds, it is structured to make a profit.
  • What insurances do they take? Does it include your insurance benefit?
  • What happens if you run out of money? A for profit facility generally runs on a no pay- no stay basis, where a non-profit can take care of a resident for life if needed.
  • Check to see if a facility is a CCRC (Continuing, Care, Retirement, Communities) or can at least offer all levels of care. Independent living, personal care, skilled nursing, and rehab. This is important because it can keep loved ones on the same campus no matter the level of care they require. If you’re looking for long-term placement you only want to make the move from home once.
  • Do yourself a favor and tour multiple facilities. You want to make sure you are making the right choice to stay happy and healthy.
  • Be Proactive, look towards the future and know what out there. It may not only benefit you but a love one who could be relying on you for sound advice on senior care in the area.
  • For free advice on choosing the right facility, call the HVA Senior Navigator Tom Erickson at 814-806-4556