Upcoming Law Seminar

2022 Employment Law Seminar

The Family and Medical Leave Act: Are you exercising your rights as an Employer?

    • The continued effect of FMLA on the workplace.
    • Elements of FMLA most likely to create difficulty for employers, and review best practices to address them.
    • Mechanisms of FMLA that prevent employees from abusing of this benefit.

    Pennsylvania Bureau of Labor Law Compliance Update: Mandatory Overtime, Minimum Wage Act, “8 and 80” Rule & More

    • Act 102 and how this affects nonsupervisory employees’ wages & hours
    • The minimum wage act and regulatory changes that include a definition of hours worked
    • Act 109 of 2012 and the 8 and 80 rule, and how it affects overtime calculations
    • Other updates and reminders regarding wage and hour issues, wage payment and collection issues, child labor issues, the medical fee act and more

    Constant Issues in an Ever-Changing Workplace: Sexual Harassment, Employee Handbooks, and Unemployment Compensation

    • What is considered sexual harassment in the workplace, and how employers can identify and react to it.
    • How the rise of remote work has changed sexual harassment.
    • Important provisions, common issues and updates for employee handbooks. Sample language will be provided.
    • Incident investigation and documentation, and the status of the current unemployment compensation system.