Law Seminar

2020 Long Term Care Seminar

Compliance & Ethics Program – Requirements and Best Practices

  • Update on enforcement statistics and data
  • Understand the requirements of the Compliance and Ethics program
  • Learn about additional requirements that may be required
  • Review best practices in implementing the program

SECURE Act: Important Changes to 403(b) Plans 

  • Understand important changes to 403(b) plans
  • Learn to adjust 403(b) plan administration accordingly
  • Understand the impact of the plan changes  

Where Employment Law and Workers’ Compensation Intersect

  • Review investigation of workers’ compensation claims
  • Discussion of denying workers’ compensation claims when fraud is suspected
  • Discussion of terminating a problem employee who has filed a WC claim    

Handling the Defense of a Discrimination Charge Filed with the EEOC 

  • Understand the protected classifications (i.e. race, color, religion, natural origin, gender, etc.)
  • Review the contents of a typical charge of discrimination
  • Obligations of an employer when it receives a charge and the need to file a position statement
  • Examination of the investigative powers of the EEOC    

Federal OSHA Update   

  • Update on enforcement statistics and data
  • Inspection Guidance of Inpatient Healthcare Settings Memo
  • OSHA Caring for Our Caregivers Series pamphlets
  • Understand resources available to healthcare employers
  • Learn how to find compliance information on the OSHA website
  • Consider working with local OSHA Compliance Assistance resource